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Margarita Iribarren Ingelhammar

Born in Argentina (1978). 

Art school studies between 1997-2000 at University Martin Malharro,

Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires). 

Moved to Spain in 2001, where I met my Swedish husband in 2006. 

Live in Gothenburg, Sweden since 2008, where I work full time with my art. 


Art and drawing has always been a part of my life, which is why I decided at a very young age to devote myself to painting and illustrating. For me, it's a lot more than just a job or a call, it's a way of living, where creation is necessary for a sense of freedom and realisation. My career as an artist is an ongoing process that is created and shaped by life itself and its challenges. I continue to discover new courses of action that accompanies my own development. The source of my inspiration comes from daily impressions like views, smells, music and life. Through a dialog between shapes, colors and textures, I treat these impressions to give them a physical manifestation through paintings which often strive for a vivid visual expression.


1998: Dublin Esquel - Argentina

1999: 7° Salón Nacional de Artes Plásticas, Instituto Italiano di cultura - Buenos Aires, Argentina

1999: SAAP - Esquel, Argentina

2004: Nouvelle - Malaga, Spain

2009: Space - Göteborg, Sweden

2011: Fête de l’art - Göteborg, Sweden

2014: Gallery UNIART - Göteborg, Sweden

2016: Centro Cultural Melipal - Esquel Argentina

2018: Galleri Anohaao - Göteborg

2018: Astra Zeneca - Mölndal (Konstförening)

2018: Hogia - Stenungsund (Konstförening)

2018: Tjörns Bibliotek

2019: Kunstmaand Ameland - Netherlands

Collaborative Exhibitions:

2011: Kronhuset - Göteborg, Sweden

2014: Fête de l’art - Göteborg, Sweden

2014: Gallery Athena - Drammen, Norway

2015: Centro Cultural Melipal - Esquel Argentina

2017: Röda Sten - Göteborg. (Konstrundan i Majorna)

2017: Skatteverket - Göteborg (Konstförening)

2017: 10 Små Hus - Stenungsund (Konstrunda)

2017: Galleri Majnabbe - Göteborg (Decembersalong)

2018: Sista Fixen - Fixfabriken, Majorna, Göteborg

2018: Galleri Majnabbe - Göteborg (Vårsalong)

2018: Röda Sten - Göteborg. (Konstrundan i Majorna)

2018: Higab - Göteborg (Konstförening)

2019: Röda Sten - Göteborg. (Konstrundan i Majorna)

2019: Galleri Majnabbe - Göteborg (Vårsalong)

2020: Vårsalong - Landskrona Konsthall

2020: Galleri Majnabbe - Göteborg (Konstrundan i Majorna)

2020: Konstepidemin - Göteborg

2021: Galleri Majnabbe - Göteborg (Konstrundan i Majorna)

2023: Galleri Majnabbe - Göteborg (Vårsalong)

2023: Göteborgs Auktionsverk - Göteborg (Konstrundan i Majorna)

2023: Göteborgs Konsthall - Göteborg (Jag föreställer mig ett hem)


2017: Tv Serie Alex - Collaboration Art department.

2019: Collaboration with Gothenburg University - Illustration for bookcover.

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